The story behind the sound.

It begins…

Occasionally, an artist comes along and reaches people in a way that you just can’t fake – that is certainly true of Jack Red. A Chicago native and second generation entertainer, Jack has been onstage since the age of 7. He started singing in his grandfather’s church, which led him to stages all across his hometown, singing alongside his brother and in various ensembles.


Artistic expression.

Jack’s voice is pure power- reminiscent of the soul singers of the unforgettable Motown era. His sound is two-part, cinematic and nostalgic, carried by Boys II Men style harmony and infectious grooves. His live performances offer an emotional experience filled with laughter, trips down memory lane and all around good vibes. Having had some time to develop as a solo artist and a newlywed to his high school sweetheart, Jack Red is eager to tell his story and experiences through music. is a narrative of Jack’s experiences in love, loss, success, and affliction. The newest single titled “Homegrown” is an anthem of pride for everyone. He says: .

  • JAck Red - The Cookout


Jack’s story and music have been featured in a range of prominent media, including The Source, Chicago Reader, FADER, Hot 97’s Thats ENUFF, MTV, and many more. Through heartfelt lyrics, soulful harmonies, and feel good vibes, Jack Red advocates personal growth and positivity from every walk of life. .

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